Unfriendly Night Visitors

May 16, 2009
By Bistra Georgiev BRONZE, Bloomingdale, Illinois
Bistra Georgiev BRONZE, Bloomingdale, Illinois
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Drifting through time,
Unaware of the pinpoint location
Or season
Or self
Wandering through empty corridors
And soaring
With wings as wide as Eagle’s
Befriending plants
And animals
And ideas
Wandering through time
And space
And emptiness
A warming glow
A friendly light
Far off in the distance calls
Without warning
A sudden cramping
The body’s lower abdomen
As if bursting
And filled
With unwanted liquid
Swimming and finding
A door at the end of the tunnel
With push and shove
With pull and thrust
It creaks and shuffling in
With anxiety and need
Sits down on the chair,
This body,
Cramped and tired
Relief floods the mind
Followed by sudden terror
And discontent
A wet and soggy feeling
A sense of—
Eyes pop open
Realization sets in
Reality shines as brightly as the morning sun
Now peering through the window cracks
A child
Alone in bed

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