May 16, 2009
By Bdub555 GOLD, Keytesville, Missouri
Bdub555 GOLD, Keytesville, Missouri
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"If you speak kind words, you will hear kind echos."

The calm breeze brushes up against the delicately constructed leaves

The trees sway in the breeze as a newborn bird flaps its wing to take flight

The sky cloudy as if someone is to make a hard decsion

The flowers purple bow down to the rain

The birds cherping, cherping to signal their friends and family

The clouds grey as they are going to cry

Many wish amkers graze the yards of my neighbors

Flowers hung in pots wishing to break free and reconnect to mother earth

Waterfalls show all their emotion to the rocks below

the wind getting stronger by each minute goes through my hair

a bug lands on my paper to give me ideas for this poem

Ocean so big and blue is home to many beautiflu creatures on this planet

Earthquakes are just earths way of saying it is mad

Floods make people depressed but it just wants us to know how it's feeling

Hurricanes are just a part of nature

Snow is a way we may feel sometimes

The moon and stars are natures nite lights

Fall is the last time you will see everything before it dies

Spring is when everything comes back to live

All of the wonderful creatures on this big and acary planet are what makes us different from everywhere else

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