The spreading of darkness

May 16, 2009
By Crystal Branco BRONZE, San Jose, California
Crystal Branco BRONZE, San Jose, California
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Dearest night so grime, tragedy only knows but to swim, spreading throughout the sky, covering each acre by and by.Signs lack words, words lack of meaning, color lacks the land and the joy it was bringing. No sweet song sung by a chriping bird, only the cawing of the crow is heard. Desolate Mornings, no they're nights, halloween is each, day, a 24 hour fright. No candies, or teas, or specialties, just poisons and potions and cockroach bugs, the world's filled with these horrific drugs. No remeedy to life's misery, just keep each existing memory, the world won't stop, the wind won't hold, we all shirval up and grow old. Wars & Vengence pulled over the heads of man kind, blinding all, not in the right mind. The trees hold their ropes for when men stop by to swing away there sorrows, till the noose ends their life, they'll live no tomorrows. Blood staning fabric, and it's scent soaking the breeze, the tragedy travels on wherever the wind may please. Raise up your weapons warriors, you can survive any plague, fight back, destroy all, and make this worthy pain.

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