May 16, 2009
By angeltweet2 SILVER, Columbus, Georgia
angeltweet2 SILVER, Columbus, Georgia
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Stop playing games with my heart
Before you go and rip it apart
You need to make up your mind
About who you want standing by you're side
I don't have time for you're foolishness
And I' m getting real tired of you doing this

So just tell me what you want to do
And stop trying to play me like a fool
I have no problem moving on
I'm sick of seeing girls numbers on your phone
Do you call yourself trying to play sumbody?
Soon you'll be alone with nobody

I understand that you get tempted at times
But you don't understan how hard I try
To forgive you and the mistakes you make
But i don't know how long it will take
For you to realize you're hurting me
I thought me and you had chemistry
But until you get you're stuff together
Me and you can't be together

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