Reasons I need You

May 16, 2009
By angeltweet2 SILVER, Columbus, Georgia
angeltweet2 SILVER, Columbus, Georgia
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I need you Like I need Air Itself
I reach out to you when I need help
I depend on you when all is wrong
& With your guidance, I now am Strong
I call upon you when I'm in need of a friend
& if you left me now my life would end
I felt so alone until I met you
& everone sems fake but I know that your true
You help put a smile on my face each and everyday
& I thank God for you each night I kneel down and pray
You inspire me to keep my head up and to never look down
& my goaL in life is to make you proud
You've done so much for me, I owe you my life
I was living life wrong until you showed me what's right
Words just can't express how much you mean to me
It's almost like I was blind and you gave me eyes to see
& I'm sorry if I misbehave & that I don't do good
It's just hard for a young girl who's so misunderstood
You tell me the truth which is what I need to hear
& with your help I can now accomplish my biggest fears
& I hate when you see me when I'm down and out
But you grab me by the hand & show me what the world's about
You showed me I'm alive and that I have a life to live
& I dn't have much to offer so It's my heart I give

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