Always Cared

May 16, 2009
By Cameron_M. BRONZE, Richmond, Texas
Cameron_M. BRONZE, Richmond, Texas
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Always There Because He Cares
As I Stood there with my world falling down around me
My life like a million pieces scattered in the air
It seemed like no one cared
like it didn't matter that I was there
In the moment of my darkest despair
There was a faint whisper in the air
A quite voice saying “ I’ve Been there”
I said “ but Lord I’ve lied”
He whispered closer now “ yes my son and I was beaten”
I said “ Father, I’ve cheated, cursed,
done things, and gone places I shouldn’t”
He whispered in my ear
“ Sweet child, you have done these things
but I died, I love, and I forgive.”
I said “ but you don’t want some one like me”
And His reply was “ Son, I am, and I died for thee.
And no man can fathom the love I have for thee”
I asked, “ How can I Find You, as it is dark and I cant see.”
He said “ just take a step towards me and I will be there”
I said “ But what if I cant find you and I Fall”
He Replied “ my dear child, I have been here all the while
and I won’t let you fall.”
Then he reached through the dark and captured my heart.
Lifted me up and held me close.
Strengthened me to the utter most.
I was given Hope and so much more
Place on eagles wings so that I may soar
He reached through my despair and gave his life because he cares
The opportunity is now yours with the darkness closing in
and death at your door.
He whispers your name in the dark,
saying take my hand and come with me.
So that I can rescue thee.
I have bled just for you child because I love you.
Just take the step and crawl to me and I will save thee.
I have been through it all, and have been here all along.
I will love you no matter what you do wrong .
And with me is where you belong.

Cameron M


The author's comments:
im cameron my major is general education and theology and i love to write poetry to express my self.

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