May 15, 2009
By Anonymous

I walk up the hill stress free
I’m so happy and light
And then it hits me
The first day of summer-it’s tonight

I take a deep breath and breath in the almost summer air
It’s so pure and clean
And how the wild flowers are all there
And how the grass on my hill is so green

Summer is when I’ll rest
The past year almost killed me
I keep climbing toward the hill’s crest
And think of how happy I will be

I need this summer more than anything
Like a good book on this hill
Just a break, hardly doing something
And following my every will

This hill, this summer, is where I belong
And where I’ll be if you want know
Listening to the birds sing their song
As the days go by nice and slow

This summer will be the greatest
I will kick back on our backs
Gossip about the latest
And just simply relax

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