A Village Sight Scare

May 15, 2009
By banthatrax BRONZE, St. Charles, Missouri
banthatrax BRONZE, St. Charles, Missouri
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Cautious is the chair thrown from the house
Weary he is of the little field mouse
Caught in surprise by those beady eyes
Will this be my sad demise?
I’d runaway I’d try to hide
If there’d be someone by my side
By my side
By my side
Was there ever someone by my side?
I can’t remember
The lights growing dimmer
The mouse will surely kill me if he finds out what’s for dinner
Who is this field mouse I’m not sure
It’s just the feeling he puts fourth
Secret corridor
Secret entry
What mind is my mind that God has sent me?
Who knows what you know
What I know you don’t know, or is all of this just a dream?
Is my perception a fatal error?
Or am I on grounds with this town?
I lose myself in my own nightmares
I ride the roads that I know that I shouldn’t
Is this noise, this sound, this sudden terror the feeling guilt grinding tears?
Trough my mind over my sleeves
Why oh why must I sneeze?
It’s over now, my ghoulish blank stare
Or is this the beginning of a village sight scare

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