The Wolf And The Ravens

May 15, 2009
By makemewhtuwant BRONZE, Wheatley Hieghts, New York
makemewhtuwant BRONZE, Wheatley Hieghts, New York
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She runs outside
Out her back door so no one sees
In her Black shorts
And her puma sweatshirt

She runs
Out of her backyard
Out of her family's life
Out of her house

The darkness doesn't phase her
She can see clearly
The darkness is her saver
The rain drenches her hair
Seeping through her clothes
But she doesn't mind

All she can hear is her bare feet hitting concrete
The wolfs' paws patting the ground next to her
And the wings of the ravens that follow her
Her breathing is controlled
She runs just like her wolf
Long strides of pure power
Hunting for some place to be

Her eyes glow with the pain of knowing she'll never be good enough
Her legs pumped with the knowledge that she will never have to go home
Her mind races with thoughts of pure hatred

The rain falls faster
The thunder grows louder
The lightning grows brighter
The clouds grow thicker

And she grows as a person
With her wolf beside her
And his ravens behind her
She knows that she will never be alone

So she runs
She runs away from her old life
She runs away from her old friends
And for once...

She doesn't run from herself

The author's comments:
I wrote this for a friend of mine.
And i would love to have some of my work published and i think this is one of my best and also one of my favorites.

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