when roses bleed and monsters cry

May 15, 2009
By laurel kellum BRONZE, San Pedro, California
laurel kellum BRONZE, San Pedro, California
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tears can't be found anymore
pain turned numb
anger builds up
memories can kill
problems of every sort
roses like blood in the moonlight
thorns like daggers that don't make a difference
the only ones who deserve to cry are the monsters most fear
they all shed tears....
they all need more,
but they'll never admit it
theyll never try to find it....
inbetween shadows don't harbor fear,
and darkness is a friend,
to those who don't look for light,
but for what is missing....
night holds secrets,
it holds promises....
that ones hidden in the shadow and darkness,
have a chance to look for what leaves them when the sun rises

The author's comments:
i won an online contest with this poem and multipule awards from the international library of poetry.

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