Your Love Drowns Me

May 15, 2009
By Kimberly Taylor BRONZE, Smithfield, Rhode Island
Kimberly Taylor BRONZE, Smithfield, Rhode Island
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you're like no other guy
you are perfect
perfect like i cant imagine
perfect like how the earth was formed
you are the one for me
Your Love Drowns Me

When you say "I love you" my heart skipps a beat
When you say "I dont want to leave you and i dont want you to leave me" tht lights me up
When you say "i wanna be with you forever" i want to know if that forever will happen...
Your Love Drowns me

Everytime i see your face i blush
Everyime you touch me i tingle
Everytime our lips meet i get shock
Everyime i hear your voice it makes me speechless
Your Love Drowns Me

Your passionate love is what i want
What I know what i said ruined what we had
I wish i neva did said ruin your love for me
I love you still and you will always be in my heart
Your love Drowns me

I know you still "like" me
I know you still dont want me to not leave you
but you dont love me because of one thing i regreat saying
but no matter what
Your Love Drowns Mw

No other guy can replace how you are with me
I dont care who i am with
Everytime im with a guy i think of you
its so hard not to be with you
I miss you
Your Love Drowns me

All the tears are from you
All the depression is from you
All the thought of us is amazing but lost now
I wish there was a way to fix it
Your Love Drowns Me

The author's comments:
to the most amazing guy..i love you andrew

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