America the great...

May 15, 2009
America the great,
we make our mistakes,
but look back in history who doesn't?
We've all claimed our victories,
and also defeats,
it's simply the way the world works.
Lets look at the positive,
find the light.
There's war all over the world,
it's been happening since the beginning of time,
but without war there is no peace.
Racism, hate, segregation,
we all know of it, most dissaprove of it,
but without there would be no love or acceptance.
Death is happening to people all over the world,
but without death there is no life.

America the great,
we make our mistakes,
but look in your heart,
haven't you?
We all judge sometimes,
wether provoked or not,story before pouring out thought.
We all disagree, have sep
we need to know the whole erate opinions,
but that's what makes us us,
we need to agree to disagree.
We all have our trials,
but we need to pick ourselves back up,
we aren't the only ones with problems.

America the great,
we make our mistakes,
we just choose to learn from them,
know what NOT to do next time.
And isn't that what lifes about?
Not how great we are,
but how we try to improve.
Not how long we live,
but what we accomplish in that life.
Not who we don't get along with,
but who we help.
Not crying because something is gone,
but rejoicing because it was once here.

America the great,
we make our mistakes,
but we're constantly improving.

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Ellie:) said...
Mar. 1, 2010 at 2:40 pm
wow thats really good. Are you talking About mrs. Kavon she commented on one of my poems lol its under camy k.
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