May 15, 2009
By MV1220 BRONZE, Eastchester, New York
MV1220 BRONZE, Eastchester, New York
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Between the stoners the pleasers
the hoods and the teasers
I am stuck,I am just me
I just don't belong
I want to scream and shout
but there is nothing I could say
They laugh and they stare and just give a glare
Can they stop?
Can they all go away?
Sitting by myself like every other day
But the less that they know
And the more that they say
Hurts more than those who can have it their way
I sigh and I sit and I don't make a fit
I cringe and I cry
I just don't know why?
Look at the mirror and see what you are
I hope that you hate it and don't go that far
You're the reason that I hate myself today
But without you it won't go away
Look at the mirror and see what you've done
Everything is crashing and so is the fun
These are the things that I wanted to say
But I'm too afraid to say them
To have it any other way

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