Dont stop here

May 15, 2009
By Gwendolyn Hill BRONZE, Loveland, Colorado
Gwendolyn Hill BRONZE, Loveland, Colorado
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Dont stop here
dont look at my beautiful face
you are an alien from a different race
you hurt me
and you know you did
when you snapped my heart in two
and told me we were through
i can take a few raindrops now and then
but you hurt me
you were the cleveristic fox
i was the sadistic hen
you beat me and you left me there
like all these years you just didn't care
you want me but you can't have me
i wanted you and now i am a lucky thing, me
to have escaped from your wrath
your taste is like silver
your eyes are like gold
your mouth is like candy
you once spun my world around
now you're nothing to me
oh cant you just see
dont stop here
cuz you left me in tears
now i cry each night
thinking of what caused this nightmare of fright
and then i see your face
you say sorry so sincerely
with those eyes of gold
but man those words just sound so cold
saying sorry is so plain and old
you speaking with those golden eyes
you letting out your little puppy cries
oh how can i resist
i want a love like this
and then all my pain goes away
and i still love you to this very day
which is two days later
when you saved me from being hit by a car
but boy dont go too far
cuz youre too dangerous
but i cant resist
my mom tells you to
dont stop here anymore

The author's comments:
i wrote this from my soul

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