Lost and Confused

May 15, 2009

I’m so lost and confused
Nowhere to go and nothing to lose
I need guidance in this world
Without guidance I’m lost
Can you find me?
I don’t think you can
Cause I can’t find myself
I’m lost and confused
So confused that I think
I’m losing my mind
Trying to rewind
To the time
I’ve cried to the time
I’ve been hurt
Hurt so bad I can’t give
My heart to the one I love
To the one I care about
I can’t give my heart
To you because I’m too smart
I’m smart enough to know
That when I give my all
To some of y'all
Y'all don’t even care
But you want me to share
My heart with you when
You don’t want to
Share yours with me
Just because someone hurt you
So tell me can you find me
Can you find me cause I’m lost
In my pain and confusingness
So let go
Let me go on being

The author's comments:
this is one of most favorite poem.

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