May 17, 2009
By ZoeBrian PLATINUM, Fairway, Kansas
ZoeBrian PLATINUM, Fairway, Kansas
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A Rift in the land is coming,
A tear like none seen before,
Unlike the fight of recess's past,
Unlike anything seen by my eyes,
From once trusted secrets shared to keep,
To amo used upon the weak.

A rift in the Land is drawing near,
As whispers of lies and truths are told,
Uninvited parties of the past come back to me,
Friends become quiet and distant and sparse,
Teenage agnst and hormones rage,
As School becomes a prison.

Once friends ruled under an equal stake,
Now bossed by one Queen Bee,
And though they once were kind and sweet,
Now cry out "Tyranny,"

So once the cruel new era ends and once the Chosen falls,
They will see how far they ran,
from the one who knew them all.

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