Life Time of This

May 17, 2009

You are the comfort I run to when I feel alone
My love for you is true and world wide known
You are my lover the one I have wished for
Never have I loved someone this much before

Your always there to hold my hand or make me smile
Each day and night you prove my life is worth while
I appreciate you so much you're someone I adore
If we were separated I don't think I'd live anymore

I trust you and respect for all that you're worth
I love you more than anything on this earth
I truly believe that you are the one for me
I'm mad about you, you drive me crazy

Thank you for walking into my precious heart
Showed me the meaning of love from the start
You've given me everything to make my life complete
You are the reason my hearts skips a beat

I love sharing every moment with you by my side
I know with my feelings or thoughts I'd never hide
Promise me for tomorrow and the next days to come
You won't let go and break our commitment from one

One day to another
from now to the end,
my one my only,
my love my best friend

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