The Car Ride

May 19, 2009
By brian erhart BRONZE, Belmont, Michigan
brian erhart BRONZE, Belmont, Michigan
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The 18 hour car ride makes me never want to drive to Florida in one night ever again.

The smell of my brother farts haunts my nose.

The temptation of Six Flags roller coasters riding by the window makes me disrupted with want.

Sitting in an awkward position makes my body ach with pain.

Being hungry with no exits in sight makes my stomach churn.

Moving restlessly, trying to, but not getting any sleep gives me unbearable migraines.

Movies being repeated over and over again makes me bored to death.


Needing to use the bathroom with no rest stop in view makes me move in my seat uncontrollably.

And then we finally arrive at 5:00 AM, with the sun burning my eyes.

With just a few days to relax, we head back home for the same, stupid car ride.

The horrible car ride will haunt me for the rest of my life.

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