Why Can't We have World Peace

May 19, 2009
By Jasmine Washington SILVER, Memphis, Tennessee
Jasmine Washington SILVER, Memphis, Tennessee
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Hatred in the North,
Hatred in the South,
Hatred in the West,
Hatred in the Middle East.

Why so much hatred in the world,
Can’t we all just live with ease?
I love my world,
And it loves me.
So why can’t I be the one to give it peace?

Jesus watches us closely,
With his whispering eye, in disgust!
This isn’t the life He intended for us!

All the peace that flies by us.
We start fights and wars,
With nuclear weapons.
Instead of living how He
wants us,
In harmony and with friends.

But for right now,
Times are tough,
And I guess everyone has forgotten,
What Jesus wants for us,
Which is…

World Peace!!

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