The man on the sea

May 19, 2009
By captain-j-man SILVER, Bellville, Ohio
captain-j-man SILVER, Bellville, Ohio
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No one was as careless as he.
the one who stood on the windy sea.
No one would know were he would be.
If he stand or if he flee.
He would come a walkin up to silver ships.
With his rythmic dances and chearful skips.
Singing songs of magic dragon fury,but telling men not to worry.
For he was the protecter of the sea.
Though mysterious he may be.
Standing there flotting upon the sea,but a day came by when a golden haired mermaid crossed his path.
He looked down into the shimmering water.
For he thought he found his true love at long last.
So to the maiden his heart he did cast,but as you know looking in and looking out is a different thing all about.
For his heart she did not see .
So it sank to the bottom.
Never agian his heart did he see.

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