Bell Stanza

May 19, 2009
By Anonymous

Walk through the hall,
Some short, some tall
See all types of fashion
As if this was a high school pageant.Walk through the hall,
and it feels Crowded as a mall. Then time pauses The bell rings, and a sudden growth Of brains cells charge up and working
Social life then falls.

Conversations scatter across the hall Like deer running to get away from a Speeding car. Beef grows tall as a ladder Frustration builds, then BLAM! Hear the lockers Constantly slamming, all week it’s a pattern.

Just one of those days
Paper crunches
He said, she said, then
People throw punches, just waiting for the pause,And the bell Rings. Hear a long DING! Food fight explodes. Under the
Splashing of milk and bread
Everyone becomes disguised, movement Of students freezes. Principal becomes
Visible in sight. Through that milky Camouflage,everybody couldn’t hide.Single file, one by one Seated into detention.

The author's comments:
school rocks! be bright then you become light. keep school in sight and fight for your right and your deep thoughts will be as high like a kite!

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