Clear NIght

May 19, 2009
By Chris Pendergast BRONZE, Sussex, Wisconsin
Chris Pendergast BRONZE, Sussex, Wisconsin
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Today was one of the colder nights of my travel.
I could feel the chill down my back as the wind blew.
It was me and four others on the deck,
We were all wearing our winter jackets.

We were all enjoying the cloudless sky,
With all of the stars looking white.
Then out of nowhere there was a loud bang.
I look around the deck and see chunks of ice.

“The ship has just been hit” is the first thing I hear.
No one panics and everything goes back to normal.
Until I see people flowing onto the deck with their families.
The time has come, the ship is going down.

We all run to the safety boats, but there are not enough.
I get onto the first one and get lowered into the sea.
All I hear are screams and cussing as people fight to get onto safety boats.
Then after ten minutes of screams, there is nothing but a large quiet sea of twelve safety boats.

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