Signs From Heaven

May 19, 2009
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Early in life, I got stuck with MS.
It killed and it killed,
But you’ll never guess.
That I fought it out,
All of those years.
I lost so many scenes, but I could still hear.
I could hear all that you said, but I couldn’t walk.
Wouldn’t move,
Wouldn’t budge,
Then began to not talk.

But luckily,
I had two beautiful girls.
A husband with passion, and my heart began to twirl.
I knew that my family would pull me along,
Until one day got bad,
So we looked at the cons.

There weren’t many options,
Except let me go.
The pain would be gone,
But they all said no.

Then finally,
I told my youngest it was alright.
She knew I had put up my biggest fight.
So I did, I gave up.
And I’m happy with God.
Out of all the misery, and I was no longer lost.

I sent signs from above, as much as I could.
I prayed that you missed me, as much as you should.
You were only 14; you didn’t think I’d get this bad.
Take advantage of now,
And help out your dad.
Don’t fight with your sister,
You’ll regret that too.
Follow your instincts.
You’ll know what to do.

I give you full permission, to start brand new.
Don’t forget me, ok?
Because I still love you.

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