Dialogue in the Dark

May 19, 2009
Lights fade
Sucking up every form of light
A pool of darkness surrounds me
Panic. Shock.
My eyes flutter, feeling unimportant
Not knowing what to do, except shut

I sense a figure strolling into the room
With a voice calm and gentle, but deep
I imagine a tall, muscular man
Introduces himself as Derek
Feel safe, protected
Need to adjust to my other senses

Now I wander around with my cane
Back and forth, a swaying motion
Listening to the caring voice direct me
Bumping into everything
Including classmates
Staggering from room to room

Am led into an area with
Rough, dry terrain under my feet
Gradual breaths on the back of my neck
As I squat to observe the familiar setting
I fall upon a bench near a
Cylindrical object with a circular lid

After the long journey
Excited to reach light
But disappointed to depart
With my new perception
And respect for the blind

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