Ties that Bind

May 19, 2009
By TJ_W. SILVER, Spring Grove, Pennsylvania
TJ_W. SILVER, Spring Grove, Pennsylvania
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(Undo these incisions
cut across the skin of my mind
clean the internal bleeding
that has soaked for so long)

You’re just a pretty face
Stuck in my mind
I cannot erase
These ties that bind.

My words ignored
My actions delayed
You’re ignorance, a sword
Striking at my body, now decayed.

Stand this I cannot
It’s time I leave this behind
Your hand long have I sought
My death warrant, you’ve signed

You’re the cause of my displacement
Why I cannot see
You’ve filled me with resentment
Oh how you torment me

These ties, these ties
Leave them behind
Forgive not the sinner
But accuse the saint set high
Lead the way to salvation
For I have fallen to temptation
And press your face into the pool of sorrow
While I caress the cheek of pleasure

Freedom must be sought
No more shall I be chained
By the constant throbbing caught
For the thought of a whim might drive me insane

Your time has passed
Get out of my head
So tired of the sass
You heard what I said.

Time has faded
The fog is cleared
Life is what you make it
I have lost what I feared

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