Where I'm From

May 19, 2009
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I am from the bed of Sealy and Egyptian cotton softness
I am from the big open rooms and the refrigerator goodness
I am from the evergreen trees and pine needles
From the green grass growing in the yard
I am from the family reunion every year and
Grandpa’s beer battered fish fry, the best fish ever
I am from Ross, the curly headed brother and
From the one of a kind dog, Halle
I'm from the early bird parents and loud walking mother
From "Stop taking the screws out of the chairs" and
"Take off your cowboy boots, its summer"
I am from Grandma's 14 nativity scenes in and around her house
From palms Sunday and Ash Wednesday
I'm from Neenah and Irish ancestors, from buttermilk pancakes and grilled cheese
From marble park where I broke my nose off the high dive
From bicycles where Ross breaks his arm after trying to stand on his seat
I am From Great Grandpas paintings, priceless artifacts
From Alex and Ross's grade school artwork, replaceable in my mind
I am from these moments
These moments make up me and my personality

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