Did You Think

May 19, 2009
By JustDifferent132 BRONZE, Marietta, Georgia
JustDifferent132 BRONZE, Marietta, Georgia
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Did you think that I wouldn’t?
Did you assume that I couldn’t?
Did you think that I would fail?

I could see that in you,
The wonder and mystery that had once become your heart.
Then in the face of a challenger,
You thought wrong.

Did you think it was right?
Did you want to be correct?
Did you think it wasn’t so?

Your challenger came and passed victorious.
Happy, alive, well, and in proper tone.
But you sit and sulk and underestimate.
When your challenge had already known.

Did you want it so bad, it overtook you?
Did you think it couldn’t revoke you?
Did it stun your mind?

I want to know.
I really do.
I want to know if I, your challenge actually surprised you?

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