Basketball poem

May 19, 2009
By marcus bennett BRONZE, Marietta, Georgia
marcus bennett BRONZE, Marietta, Georgia
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I lay in bed,

And say my prayers,
First comes my family,
Then my thoughts of basketball,

My mind is twisted,
Because I want to be the best,
I don’t know what to do,
Then I ask my basketball,

He tells me something unheard of,
So we talk, about life,
He asks me what’s my A, B, & C plan?
So my response is clearly my basketball,

When I was younger I told my mom,
That I will be the best son to be,
So I practice every single day trying
to keep my word,
With the help of my basketball

Some people end stories,
Using the word “in conclusion,”
But my story will end,
With the lovely game of basketball.

There’s beating and bouncing,
All over the dreadful court,
Your eyes are sweating and bleeding,
While the crowd cheering you on.

Sometimes they yell,
And their lungs burst,
You can’t lose focus,
The games on the line.

You go for the shot,
But shoots without your proud,
You lost your dignity,
Even your triumph.

Your dad’s replies get in the game,
All that does is make you play like garbage,
So you drive out of control,
You throw up a shot and ahhhhh!!!!

The games over,

You’re down on your 2 shoulders,
You fall so nothing can help you,
Except your basketball.

The author's comments:
i love the game of basketball

My thoughts of poem 1

When I wrote this poem it is all real and is what I really do in life. For example I do pray about going to the NBA every night and I always tell my mom I am going to make her proud no matter what happens. Finally I do want to be a good player like Lebron James and make kids say “Nah man Marcus is way better than Lebron he averages 6 more steals and rebounds!” This poem also has my true feelings about the game I love best, basketball and that’s what I thought about when I wrote this poem.

My thoughts of Poem 2

When I wrote this poem it was because of this game I had with the 7th grade basketball team. Our team was called the Marietta Blue Devils and we where playing South Cobb. During the whole game I had like 8 turnovers, 4 fouls, 2 points and three of my shots were blocked. I was very disappointed with me because I’ve never played like this before so when I wrote this poem that’s what I thought about.

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Ball is life


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