My Jolly Life

May 19, 2009
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Feeling as animated as a cartoon,
I value more than gifts the playfulness of my soul.
I want to be spry and vital thus I can soar.
I see my pure bliss as contagious.
Caring for happiness above all,
I appreciate the cheerful person I know I am.

Hoping to be as joyous as Santa Claus,
I dream of smiles and cupcakes.
Questioning those who dwell in gloom,
I wish the spark within may light their soul.
Seeing the sparkle of sun reflected in my eyes,
I know the brightness of my character will see me through dark days.

I imagine my cheery Spirit like a fizzy soda over flowing.
Hearing the beating of my heart skip and dance,
I feel the joy inside me hot as Pele’s blood.
I touch the splendor of the stars.
Appreciating the pleasure of family warmed by the fire,
I dream of bright tomorrows and happy holidays.

Whatever course my life will take, underneath the cobwebs of time, These treasured memories will rest untouched.

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