Silence Goodbye

May 18, 2009
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Alone with my thoughts
The golden sun shines all around me
The chilling wind mercilessly sweeps pass me
It’s cold outside, but inside me it even colder.
We parted, parted without any word of goodbye
I will remember this day
The day the amber i have for you turned cold ash
The portrait of you I hanged by my heart will still be there
But one day I know it will rot away.
For a briefest moment in my life
You lightened my heart
You planted in me suck a beautiful garden
It filled me with joy just to love you…
Because of you, I learned to give up
And because of you I lost a dear friend.
I knew even if I had shown you my love
It would have gone nowhere…
I will remeber you
Oh, I will always remember the smell of your perfume
How it linger in the eair everytime you walk pass me
I will remember how your bright blue eyes catch the light
And i will remember your lovely voice...

Who ever you’re in love with,
I hope he loves you as I do
Face your life challenges with courage
I hope you gonna live happily ever after ….

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