May 18, 2009
You really love someone when you can longer try and explain what love feels like to a person. The unconditional feeling of the gentlest thing, the most relaxing feeling. Love doesn’t come up in words, in explanations. You just know when you love someone; you just know when you don’t ever want to leave them. The gut feeling you get, is just the beginning, the looks that you don’t realize you make, is just the very start. It’s when you say “I love you” for the first time, that you know what it feels like. The person you love will make you laugh, will make you smile, and will keep you strong. They will let you cry, let you use pert of them for a tissue, and let every part of your heart belong to them. They won’t judge you, ask for anything when your hurt, or hurt you more when you’re already broken.

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