May 18, 2009
By Michelle Taylor BRONZE, Melfort, SK, Other
Michelle Taylor BRONZE, Melfort, SK, Other
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Courage is getting out of bed,
When you don't want to face the world.
Their comments cut like knives,
and Their glares burn holes through you.

Courage is laughing,
When you want to cry.
Looking at the bright side,
When everything seems gray.

Courage is fighting,
When you have no strength at all.
The last breathe you inhale,
and The last day you see.

Courage is to love,
When you have nothing left.
When your heart is shattered,
but you still manage to go on.

Courage is saying "no,"
to peer pressure.
When your friends are flying high,
You choose to remain low.

Courage is giving,
What you don't have.
Putting others before you,
But managing yourself.

Courage is staying mouse quiet,
When you feel like screaming.
Because your actions may speak louder than words.

Courage is keeping a stiff upper lip,
When everything is slipping away.
Believing that everything happens for a reason.

Courage is being nice,
To your worst enemies.
Because sometimes,
They're all you have left.

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