May 18, 2009
By Andre Rhodes BRONZE, Santa Barbara, California
Andre Rhodes BRONZE, Santa Barbara, California
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Yea i bust flows i call em my poetry
Rhyme scheme kinda crazy but i know its up to key
Butterfly but im a bee
Cuz im floatin like clashis
Hating at a minimun i know im not a fascist
Half black persian and i kick it with the best of em
I aint got trouble cuz im homies with the rest of em
But ill put you on a rid like you chillin at the fair
See im just a slumdog tryin to be the millionare
And i want to be a rapper cuz 16s the age with the stress, sadness, the happiness and rage
Just put me in a cage
Lock me up and call me done
Or free me let me fly cuz ive only begun
See i fluctuate anticipate
And fiend for the sorrow
Livin for today and not stressin bout tommorow
Brains too much for info to capacitate
And im not too lazy but i like to procrastinate
And i dont vasten hate
Although you know i gots it
And if there is a wrong best believe im gon spots it and if you dont like it then im tellin you to bounce
See im like an english teacher with my words i like pronounce
Slither on the ground but no im not a snake though
Dominate competition like i be the lake show
Or call it a comeback except for one inspection
View from another like a whole new preception
Altered smell hearing and possibly the sight mother goose wrote rhymes so kids could sleep at night
But i ramble on and on like im scratchin on the surface
Time is illusion with a great given purpose
Im gon convert this rap and keep it goin thinkin and its stinkin while the water level flowing
Through the filters though it wilters through the mic and to my veins cuz the game is so embedded like its deep within my brain
Cuz the pain i bring is fein and it changes like the seasons
My actions come as always and all i got are reasons

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