nature poetry

May 18, 2009
By Anonymous

As the loneliness time passes by
Silently I glance towards the blue sky.
I feel my heart touches the presence of
charming nature.
As evergreen forest surrounded
the land with beauty,
Cool breezing air blowing still,
Rustling sound of a leaves trill
into my ears.
Dew droplets sparkling on the leaves,
Cuckoo bird singing a sweet song,
migrates from one place to another
Spring flower as rose, jasmine,
marigold bloom
with colorful petals giving a sweet smell.
As the time passes by,
Silently I glance through the open window,
wondering about the most precious
and memorable time.
As lonely as I
But endless time never ends.

The author's comments:
this is a nature poem which follows a pattern of free-verse with no regular rhythm or rhyme scheme. Moreover,this poem indicates the symbol of beauty for nature, strength the power of joy, hope and brings loyalty for own motherland.
I hope everyone will enjoy my poem while reading and may appreciate my style of writing.

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