The Greats

May 18, 2009
By Andre Rhodes BRONZE, Santa Barbara, California
Andre Rhodes BRONZE, Santa Barbara, California
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Some say the greats be created by the masses
From time to time hourglasses time passes
Through transitions
One will listen
And will possibly glisten
Above all the others
Regaurding just they mothers
Through the children yes we build them ya weshape them and contort them
We follow all the actions and we
Quietly support them
Helping with corruption
Yet Waiting for erruption
And if you knod agreeing then your fiendin For consumption
Just the Love for the money
So much its not funny
But when u got none then you feelin like a dummy
Through the history of time
Weve discovered rhyme
i denzel the music
like You swear im outta time
And the lying all the cryin from the rumors spread around
Cough and i scoff while i whisper oh your down
And im Weeping from my pen cuz its hitting it the most
I like the way i rhyme and im not tryin to boast
Go and Hand me the mic like all black exterior
Desire to rap like tired of being inferior
Rap like im smashin
Only with compassion
Ill be straight up in the nicest given fashion
eyes get lazy crazy amazing
Half of the time its cuz im just blazing
Hot everytime that i rap like on the spot
Repetion adds dullness to the flow is and now its rot
But i flow it like a poet except i like to know it and if you catch mistakes im excepting you to show it
So i rap and try to mesh it like some on and comin rookies
Delicious and you wish this like some mrs field cookies
Sweet and so soft like you know you wanna taste
Rappin for a reason cuz my time i cant waste
But Before i drop the mic ill be morally deceased
Instead of ending with a bang ima end it wit some peace

The author's comments:
I'm a rapper... Some say the dream of being a world famous rapper is unachievable, even impossible, yet Im trying... "Call me Crazy"

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