May 18, 2009
As i spend more time with you
I get happy
But then a bomb exploded
Happy??? Hah Please

Being struck by lightning would be more fun
But i'm cool with it
Well..... i thought i was
Your definitely a mystery

Something i haven't felt in a while
But no matter what i get better

Pretty eyes, soft hair
Thats happiness

When your down
I'm down

Express yourself.
To me. Not him. Not her
But to me

But one word.
Just 1. And a smile you receive
But more is welcome.

A smile from you
Gets a smile from me

That's Happiness
And you gave it to me

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UndiscoveredSweets said...
May 24, 2009 at 9:28 pm
Plz feel free 2 comment or critique. THNX
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