Lovely Face

May 18, 2009
By Anonymous

when you lose the memories
of the one you lost so dear
reality set in you and it turns to fear
i don't even realize it now
but i've changed drastically
since the day when i was young
and my mother passed away

as i leaned into her bed of sheets
she patted my ahnd and didn't weep
i was so young and juvinile
as my dad said baby leave for a while

but in the back courtyard
he cried as he said that she was gone
where to questoned my 7 year old self
and he looked to the heavens above

she was really gne, the one i love
and as i see now her face
it's been so long taht i hardly know
the teeth, that smile, her face
all the pictures surrounding me
close in like a case
as my heart cries out in doubt
i see her lovely face

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