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May 18, 2009
By OrNot.. PLATINUM, Hammond, Louisiana
OrNot.. PLATINUM, Hammond, Louisiana
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" I close my eyes but I can't rest. My body is tired, my mind is wandering. From the past to the east to the west. Trying to take up the blame, you've already taken from me. Can anyone tell me how we learn to live with ourselves?"

I emerge from the class room
Fresh with knowledge
Heading toward the B wing

People busting all around
Trying to blend with what surrounds
This happens a million times a day
But every time it feels the same
People look, people stare
It’s only in my head that they care
The lockers laugh at me
Taunting, terrorizing, tormenting
Sounds fill my ears
The hushed secretive tones
Like bullets to my confidence
So much goes on
Plans are made
Rumors are spread
People are taunted
The subjection to critics,
I’ve come to dread
The side glances
Peripheral views
There’s always something new to judge
Feelings of awkwardness
Walking alone
Searching for anyone that I know
Passing hundreds everyday
I look at my feet
To your eyes I can’t bring myself to meet
Pretend not to care
But we all know the insecurity’s there

The author's comments:
this is about an experience that I have everyday on the way to 2nd hour. i always walk alone and i can never seem to fit into the crowd.. i originally wrote this as my free verse for a poetry packet for my gifted english class and then i entered it into a local writing contest (because my english teacher was giving bonus points to those who enter) and then i ended up winning 2nd place.. so i figured it was good enough to post online

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on May. 26 2009 at 10:53 pm
This is one of my favorite poems by you. I've thought on the same concept for a long time, but you were able to put it into writing. It's awesome! Speaks the truth!!


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