First Love Gone

May 18, 2009
By ChrissyMarie BRONZE, Canton, Michigan
ChrissyMarie BRONZE, Canton, Michigan
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You held me in your arms,
Embracing me in tainted grace-
I knew it was over,
But something about your face
Made me comfortable and safe.
It's okay-
I know there's no room for me
In your life. I can move on
Delicately, disrupting you
With the smallest possible amount of emotion.
You can leave me,
But there will still be that
Small part of me in your soul
That will hide and even when we're old
That tiny part of us
Will resurrect, eternally young
And serene. It's taken this long
To see that my first love
Does not need to last forever.
It is enough to breathe
Together in the same space for a while
And cherish these memories.

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