Assassination of thy heart

May 18, 2009
By Ajaa_Runoilija BRONZE, Nephi, Utah
Ajaa_Runoilija BRONZE, Nephi, Utah
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For the hours I withered consumed in my tomb
I paced and pondered on my heart that brought my doom.
Until I realized I was a slave to my own need.
That I needed to feed,
This lusting poison of love.

Many ours I paced, Not being able to capture,
This heavenly rapture.
But then I fell, Entrapping myself in his eyes,
I was victim to this prize,

Dare I say it?
Share my truths with the world?
I dare, I will.

The moment I heard his voice I was captivated by his being,
And in this moment I knew I was caged, There was no fleeing.
He had captured me and I would not protest
This wonderful man I would be so kindly blessed with.

Ive come to realize now love is the highest sin to be damnated with, Rather than murder of thy' heart.

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