I Wish I Knew Why!

May 18, 2009
By TheRealMe GOLD, Burlington, Vermont
TheRealMe GOLD, Burlington, Vermont
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I know who i am, and i know who i want to be.

“It really didn’t have to happen
It could have been prevented
We weren’t just going to stand down
We will fight for our freedom
They stood up against us like they knew they were better
They wanted us to fire, so they egged us on
We stood our grounds, with our heads cocked back and our backs up straight
We looked at one another then at them
We all knew that we fight and win or we die trying
We also knew that this might be our last moment but it’s worth every second
I fought hard and I fought for you
I know this is my stop
For I shall die here with you by my side
For this is the end. I love you but good bye”

The last words before my father died
The heartache and pain that I feel all the time
Makes me think back to that horrid day
Looking out the window
To see my father standing there
Watching and listening as the shots are fired
Watching that bullet go into my father
It not only hit him but it pierced my heart
After it stopped, when the guns puffed with exhaustion
I ran out to hold him
His body getting colder as I take a breath
His face going pale as kiss his forehead
And those last words still echo in my head
I love you but goodbye.

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