Holocaust Poem

May 18, 2009
By TheRealMe GOLD, Burlington, Vermont
TheRealMe GOLD, Burlington, Vermont
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I know who i am, and i know who i want to be.

I am a witness of the truth
I wonder why life was taken away so fast
I hear the soles of all those who have perished
I see the bloody wounds from the German soldiers
I want to be a hero to all those who have suffered
I am a witness of the truth

I remember the helpless woman falling to her feet. Then the “bang” “bang” “bang” of the gun
I feel that I have been betrayed and hurt
I touch the cold metal handle of the shovel that I am forced to dig with
I worry that my life will shortly be over
I cried when my father was chosen to be put to death
I am a witness of the truth

I understand that the beautiful life that I was promised was not there. This was not some where that was going to help me survive it would kill me.
I ask to my self will this night mar ever be over
I dream of a small cottage with a delicious hot meal on the table
I try to work my hardest so that my life can continue
I hope that this dreadful place will just vanish into mid air
I am a witness of the truth

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