It’s The Real Me

May 18, 2009
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I am a city that never sleeps.
bright lights, passing cars,
my day never ends,
constantly moving,
no time to breath.

I am full of memories,
people who share a cherished moment,
who never want to leave, but have to;
always seem to come back,
to relive that moment once again.

I am full of surprises.
never a dull moment.
always experiencing something new,
but never forgetting the old experiences.

I am a history book.
the street’s past’ are my history.
the ride of Paul Revere, the Boston Massacre’
and so much more.
looking back, you will see,
the struggles, pain, and fighting,
yet most of all you will see my pride.

I am a believer and full of secrets.
the secrets of true love that can’t be denied,
the secret memories that will stay close at heart,
the secrets of my past that will never be unraveled.
believing in what should be,
believing in what use to be,
just believing in me.

I am not just what you see,
take a second to decipher me,
take a minute to look into my soul,
take a hour to open my feeling,
take a day to sink into my heart,
but take a year to stay with me.

I promise you; that I will never leave.
I am here for you now,
I am here for you always,
one last thing to say,

Don’t forget it’s me Boston.

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