May 18, 2009
By TeLeesha Long-Price BRONZE, Detroit, Michigan
TeLeesha Long-Price BRONZE, Detroit, Michigan
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I am too close for comfort
Just want to be by myself
I would hop out of my skin if it didn't bring me to death
Suffocation….yet I look and there's no one around.
My realization of having two souls have been found
I am never alone.
I stay in my cave with the lights off
Hoping soul number two is afraid of the dark
I'd like to be alone, if only for one day
No time for guys, I've called dibs on myself
No matter how small of a space I crawl into….
There is still soul number two standing next to you.'
I'm here because I do not wish to be alone
I want you by my side forever.
A long time ago you promised to stay with me
Back then we were the closes friends….
I'd like to be alone, so much that I cry a little each day
But I refuse to let them leak on my face.
Who am I?
Am I soul number two?
My memory is bad enough I can't remember doing things that people say I do.
I'd like to be alone, just watching the sun rise
Give me a space that I can crawl to,
Only I can fit in, not soul number two…
You've gotten real quiet these days.
I stay next to you without hesitation and you never even speak to me.
Have I been erased from your memory?
Ignore me all you want
But I made a promise and I will not go away….
You see, I'd really like to be alone,
Just to see the minute of the clock change
To be alone just long enough to inhale and celebrate the life of me
I'd like to be.

The author's comments:
This poem kind of just came to me while i was in my dorm room. It was around finals and i was stresses out a bit and i really just wanted to be alone.

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