May 18, 2009
By kaaayjaayefff. BRONZE, Topsfield, Massachusetts
kaaayjaayefff. BRONZE, Topsfield, Massachusetts
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They didn't know the harm they'd done
Until they looked and she was gone
Broken forever in a flash
Knowing she wasn't coming back
Words can hurt like bruises and cuts
And just those words were enough
A few friends can hurt so bad
And they were the only ones she had
So she was bruised and pushed down
Kicked when she was on the ground
All that went on in her days
With one move melted away
And now a glimpse and they look back
Look at the girl they once had
Think of everything they did
It twisted and tore at this kid
No one knew she was in pain
Until she chose to lose the game
And in one moment decided fate
And now you could say it's too late
But with her broken heart in hand
She will find the strength to stand
And make it through one more day
Knowing the pain is going to stay
Finding the strength to pull through
There's nothing this girl can't do
The girl who seemed to fall so fast
Seemed to shatter just like glass
Pulled together one more time
To give herself a chance to shine

The author's comments:
Painful self expieriences are the esaiest to write about, and I noticed there isn't a lot of rhyming in TeenInk, I thought I'd add some :]

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