The Mirror

May 18, 2009
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I look in the mirror and finally see;
How is it that this girl is supposedly me?
On my side it's dark, on hers it is light;
Other than that, the changes are slight.
This girl can't possibly be me, the mirror, it lies;
She has emotion in hers, while blank are my eyes.
She looks over my world, eyes sweeping to me;
There she pauses, as if to ask how it could be.
She steps foreword, touching the clear mass;
I did the same, running my fingers over the cold glass.
Her hand slips over mine, and I fall in;
I am on the other side, my adventure will now begin.
My black dress seems out of place;
Against all the colors of this cheerful space.
This place is different from my own;
Flowers, animals, and honey bees drone.
My world is empty, full of silence and dark;
Nothing moves, nor sings, and is void of this park.
This girl leads me to a green and lush plain;
I frown, looking at all the positive emotions with disdain.
She looks at me with big eyes of blue;
I can look into her soul, her existence is true.
My soul is blank, dark and sad;
The only feelings I've ever known are depressed and mad.
This girl looks just as I do;
Only slightly more different, my eyes black, hers blue.
My hair black, my lips blood red;
My body thin, my eyes are dead.
She is just the opposite, her eyes alive;
Her hair blonde, her determination to strive;
Me in black, her in white,
She is gentle, I love to fight;
Through the differences, we are the same,
The same body, same face, same name;
To tell us apart, I as Sarapha, Aliza is she;
Sarapha, powerful leader, Aliza sweet as can be.
She is an angel of light, I am definitely not;
I, an angel of darkness, my soul has long since rot.
I envy her, and she envies me;
She wonders how a life with power would be.
I wonder what it would be like to live so pure;
My evil and sadness would find their cure.
I could never live like this;
Light kills me, darkness my true bliss.
My world filled with depression, hers is with joys;
Mine with hatred, hers filled with toys.
It's time to leave, she grabs my hand;
Together rising, we start to stand.
She begins to speak, her voice so clear;
"I'll live your life, you live here."
I look down and my clothes were white;
Hers was black, it seemed so right.
Her hair was black, her lips red;
Her color gone, her eyes dead.
She smiles at me and walks to the glass;
Walking through, the moment of smiling long since passed.
I walked around, not knowing what I should do;
There were so many animals, like a giant zoo.
For once in my life, I felt the joy of love;
I sat and watched the graceful flight of a dove.
I felt guilty, leaving Aliza back in my world;
Where hate runs wild and snakes lay curled.
I run to the mirror and there she sat;
Consumed in darkness, hatred and that.
We fell to each other, crying about how hard it was;
To live in this place, with hatred abuzz.
Wiping her tears, she said to me;
"You are staying on the other side. You are staying with me."
How could I deny her? She is giving me what I thought I want;
I don't know how to break it to her, I won't be too blunt.
"Aliza, I'll admit, your world is nice;
But I'm sorry, this is MY world," I add, cold as ice.
She nods and walks back into her world, eyes looking so very dear;
I hesitate for a moment, then smash that forsaken mirror.
I am back in my world, where hatred drone;
With a small smile, I turn from the ruins and sit on my throne.

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