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May 18, 2009
By Anonymous


It was very sad when you had written about your
Dog Max.

It tickles when you write on me, but hurt me when
You rip my arms off.

I apologize to the kid I hit yesterday.

I go from a dark cave to bright world.

I dance when you shuffle through me but treat me like
Garbage, please respect me!

I have friend named folder, I found one of my arms in him.

Where I’m From Poem

I’m from a big tree with a sour taste, when I’m
Being dared to lick.

I’m from don’t play in the bath tub or you’ll
Sink and never come up again.

I’m from a spicy taste of enchiladas and
My mom saying don’t hurry with your food.

I’m from playing soccer and a big ‘yes!’ when winning.

I’m from a beautiful park called Marquette with
a long pond

Soccer, enchiladas, and that long pond is where I’m from.

What a Night,

What a Fright

I hear a noise then a voice

I look around nothing is there so I become aware

What a night

What a fright

I hear a squeak then a leak

After it I feel so ill then so I try to keep it real

I try not to be a sissy and my hair is getting frizzy

I try to act to act cool but inside I feel a fool

What a night

What a fright

I hear a click then a flick

I look around and see the shadow of a mouse wearing a blouse

Or maybe a rat wearing a hat but all along it




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