Clyde's Hide

May 18, 2009
By Jim Brazeal BRONZE, Prairie Village, Kansas
Jim Brazeal BRONZE, Prairie Village, Kansas
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Three hundred feet tall, my castle does lie,
Built out of limestone, stroking the sky.
Over the horizon, Regan manor does see;
A town without malice, buoyant on glee.
Then along came a dragon with but one red eye.

Clyde rippled with muscle, standing 30 feet tall.
With one whip of his tail, he destroyed my great wall.
Villagers fled, top knights stood stone still,
As Clyde searched for me, ready to kill.
His master, my foe, had the beast in a thrall.

Then along came a hero, with pride he shall die.
He killed the great monster with a jab to the eye.
My kingdom’s now safe, my life owed to him.
And I know that forever, I’ll have one ally.

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