Jump Roping

May 18, 2009
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Thud, slap, pound, thud, slap, pound.
My heart speeds up, footsteps pound, staggering breath.
I want to stop, but I can’t, not yet.
The slick red line slaps the ground.
As rain beats down with cars going by,
I flip my hair out of my eyes.
I don’t count, but I have a limit.
Silence, minus the cars, my heart, the red line, and my breathing.
Cardiac sounds have a mind of their own.
No one can stop me, no one can recognize me.
The only sounds play a song, intertwining with my name.
I am alone.
Alone as I’ll ever be.

My heart swells as the red line slaps again and again
I can feel my time coming to an end
One last time, a sigh of relief escapes my lungs and my lips.
Alone, yes
But never lonely.

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