A New Daughter (A poem in four voices)

May 19, 2009
By Raphael Duncan BRONZE, Valdosta, Georgia
Raphael Duncan BRONZE, Valdosta, Georgia
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-The Mother
I finally have one.
I’ve waited all my life for this.
The happiest day of my life!
I will never let you go.

-The Father
Am I ready for this?
What if she doesn’t like me?
I’m getting too old.
Maybe my wife will know what to do.

-The New Daughter
The lights are too bright!
Why are you touching me?
Get away men in white!
Put me back…am I talking? Wah!

-Family Dog (Shih-Tzu)
Yay your back!
Feed me, I’m thirsty!
Who is this?
Why are you ignoring me?

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